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Super Size Me!

Nutrition is a very big part of being healthy. To contain a helathy lifestyle we can't eat fast food for every day of the week. But some people choose to do. The people who choose to do that put themselves in danger to having many problems with their health.

 The video we watched, super size me, explaind how a man would eat Mcdonalds for a whole month. Before he started he visited a gastrologist, a regular doctor, a nutritionist, and a exercise physiologist. The whole point of the video was to get the point across that fast food is very fattening and that you can't eat it every day. Because his body was not used to the food, he got sick on the 2nd or 3rd day. He said it was like quitting smoking. That after you stop for 5 days you are good but in his case after you ate the food for 5 days. After a few days, he again visited the doctors again. He gained a little wait and his blood pressure was high. Along with not eating properly he was also not exercising as much a normal, Which also had an impact on his weight.

 During this video I realized that too much bad fatty food is not good for you. Occasionally it is okay but not every single day. I learned many of the illnesses that can occur from the intake of fast food everyday. People should know how to manage their diet. If people are going to eat athat much, they should al least exercise. Moderate physical activity is walking or running done at less than 60% of max heart rate for age. Max heart rate is 200 beats/minute minus the persons age.

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