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This article is about a new advancement in high-definition visuals. So far, almost everyone is familiar with 720p or 1080p screens, which have clear, crisp, and lifelike pictures. But, recently there are 4K displays now, which actually have 4 times the resolution of the 1080p screens. Imagine how great it would be to see somethin in a 4K display. The only downside is that the 4K projectors cost about $26,000. Also, 4K projectors don't have much of an effect on smaller screens. But the invention/advancement sounds like a cool idea!

This article caught my eye because it was the top content on Yahoo News, so I figured that it would be interesting. I was surprised by the idea of 4K visuals, as the highest resolution I thought of was the 1080p. I was also surprised that Youtube has 4K viewing enabled. This applies to our class because we have made videos on i-Movie, so we have had experiences with resolutions. 

Moon, M. (2012, May 31). First available 4K movie would look great on the world’s first home 4K projector:  Retrieved from http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/technology-blog/first-available-4k-movie-look-great-world-first-003028464.html



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