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by Jessica A

teacher: Melanie Transue

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May Freewrite
Have you ever wished you had a super power? Do you ever just want to fly? And to read peoples minds? I have and my friends as well. Most of my friends didnt want a superpower, but there's a few who do. Here are the people and there powers.
Shane(Sponge): Copy/Absorb powers. That means I can just take whos ever power I want.
Chris(Beast): Werewolf/ Reads minds. He can read peoples minds without them knowing.
Travis(Priest): Holy/Priest. Hes the holiest person in the world.
Ben(Time lord): Stops time/ Telekiness. He can freeze time, and do whatever he wants.
Jake(Inferno): Fire/ Fireballs. He can make fire with his hands.
Summer(Angel): flying/ Invisible. Shes the fastest flier in the world
Kyler(Speedy): Super speed/ Strength. Hes the fastest and strongest guy in the world.
Mark(Dark lord): Shadows. He's like a vampire.
Bobbi(Elder): Regenerative powers. She has every power and help us with ours.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking, Im a teenager writing about my friends with super powers. Once in a while you have to dream, so GET OVER IT! We all have a kid in us, what's yours?
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