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Over the last few weeks we have been writing character discriptions of a topic of our choice. Heres mine!

My Silly Dog

You’ll probably see most Border Collies on farms rounding up sheep. Well my Border Collie, Poppy, isn’t a farm dog.
In fact she doesn’t like farms at all.

She is an adventurous playful dog who barks a lot. Poppy is a black and white Border Collie and is a girl dog. She has sharp, pointed teeth, shadow black eyes and thick, shiny white claws.
Poppy loves eating meat and dog biscuits as well as dog treats. She really loves tummy rubs and especially walks. And she always jumps on visitors. Poppy dislikes eating vegetables and like I wrote before, farms. She also dislikes going past the front of the truck while the engine is still running.

Poppy likes to run around outside if not taken for a walk (I also meant hassle) and loves playing with her ball.
Pappy’s strengths are chewing things into smithereens and she listens and obeys when she feels like. Her weakness is dropping the ball when told.

Poppy’s ambition is to be a completely trained canine and to be an agility dog.
Poppy is my favourite dog in the world!!!

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