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The Elder Scrolls V:


Do you believe in giants, trolls, vampires, werewolves? How about dragons, do you believe in them? Well you may not believe in them but you will love fighting them in a very fun, challenging, and very adventurous game. This game is yet another wonderful creation by Bethesda Game Studios. If you ever play this amazing game then be ready to enter the exciting, adventurous land of Skyrim!

Skyrim is the next game in the Elder Scrolls series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Skyrim has improved graphics, a lot more quests. Skyrim was released on November 11, 2011 for PC, Ps3, and for the Xbox 360. Skyrim is a cold and mountainous region, home to the species of nords; there are 8 species that live in skyrim. Nords are tall, strong humans that can withstand cool temperatures, though they do not mind warm climates either. Skyrim is also home to many other races, not just the nords. Although these other species are not originally from Skyrim, they still do not mind living there, the beautiful views in most parts of Skyrim probably drew them to live there. The other species that live in Skyrim consist of, Argonians, they are a species that consist of reptiles they can walk and talk like humans and they can even hunt like humans, they are basically walking life size lizards, and they can also breathe under water.

Another race that lives in Skyrim is the Khajit. The Khajit are a cat like species, they have great hunting skills, and they also are interested in magical items. Since they are a feline species they have the ability to see very well in the dark. There is a magical species that are also human, they are called the Brentons. The Brentons are usually peaceful and will not fight unless they have a reason to. They are highly skilled in using magic based attacks. There is a species that are small but fierce, they are the wood elves. Short in size but strong in attacks, these small nimble species are experts in stealing and hunting. They rarely use magic based attacks. They usually use light armor and bows and arrows, maybe even a dagger or two. Some other wood elves prefer heavy armor and swords.

There are two more species of elves that live in Skyrim; they are the High Elves, and the Dark Elves. High Elves are the tallest out of all the species; they are highly gifted in magic based attacks. They are also very gifted in enchanting items so they are stronger and more protective; they are also highly experienced in alchemy, making strong potions and poisons. Dark Elves are equally skilled in magic based attacks and melee based attacks, they are also equally skilled in archery. Dark Elves are usually either hunters, or thieves.

The last two species that also live in skyrim are the Orc’s and the Imperials. Orc’s are big and strong, they prefer heavy armor over light armor and two handed weapons over one handed. They are extremely talented blacksmiths also. They can be very civilized but also very hostile if when need to be. The Imperials are just regular humans; they don’t really know any magic based attacks. They will use what ever is available to them. They are able to learn new skills that the other species have but they will not be able to use them as skillfully as the original species. 

In conclusion there are a good portion of different species that share the land of Skyrim with the Nords; they all have different characteristics and abilities. I highly recommend this game to adventurous gamers, thanks for reading.
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