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This is a space for adult students of grade 10, 11 and 12 English Language Arts to communicate about what and how they are learning, both in and out of class.

by teacher: Jody Ferguson
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"com'mon you B*T*H" not one day goes by that i don’t get told that, its the words that got me to do a bunch of stupid stuff, thing's that people in the right mind wouldn’t do, and no idea why i ended up doing them, guess i cant say no. I have went out on edges 250 ft in the air, where other guys would panic, i have totalled quads and snowmobiles trying stupid jumps, i have lived the best and survived the worst, once trying to go down a hill in the inside wheel of a dry and hit a tree which hurt like hell, and not realizing that there were trees at the bottom of the hill till i hit one. I used to buy junk cars that barely ran and me and some other smart buddies would drive around the yard crashing into each other until parts of cars where laying everywhere then finish them off with the skid steer tractor. Those were just a little bit of the things i did because of those words and because of those words is part of the reason i will not drink anymore
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