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World Time - Drag your mouse to see the time in other places. In Area 7 we like to give everything a go especially new ideas that might look difficult at first.We are using this blog to publish some of our writing, to post from home and to record some of our learning at school. We love receiving comments. Please, if you wish to comment, leave a URL or e-mail address so we can respond back to you.

by Shabrina S teacher: Jane Lowe
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The Channel 9 News Helicopter came to Oberthur Primary School for a visit with the weather lady because she was going to go to Area 9 & 10 to teach them about weather.

Most of the classes went near the Oval to see the helicopter land but we weren't aloud to go on the grass because if we walk across the oval and the helicopter was about to land we could get crushed.

When the helicopter landed it was very loud. As the helicopter flew closer to the ground it's propellers blew everyone's hair in their face. It was a beautiful un-windy day at Oberthur until the helicopter came. It was all windy, luckily nobody got blown away into the sky.

Even though the Weather Lady didn't come to visit Area 7 we still had a great day watching the helicopter arriving at Oberthur and departing from Oberthur. Again, it was windy when the helicopter started to depart from here.

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