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by Alicia H teacher: Melanie Transue
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A girl who dances like a fool, sings country songs out of pitch, and is my bestfriend goes by the name Kyrston Swingle.

Kyrston is one of the funniest girls I have ever met and without her I would never get through my school day. This girl isn’t afraid of being a crazy lunatic in public, and she always know how to make me smile. Sometimes this crazy girl and I laugh so hard we almost pee our pants and we have loads of inside jokes that others wouldn’t begin to understand.

There are so many things this girl does that make her my best friend. There are many stories that could be told about the wild times with this us like the day we ate watermelon and she LOVES watermelon so she gobbled it all up, and then she had to pee. Little did we know we were locked out of the house and couldn’t get in; I laughed so hard. Then, a great memory was riding a sled behind the quad with her and though we had grass stains, and were penetrated by rocks; it was a blast and everyone thought we were crazy!(: Also, one morning we ate fish, the sweetish kind. The last memory I would have to bring up is when she came to my house and she fell in love my mom it got awkward after that…

Kyrston is a interesting human being that you’re better off just not speaking to. Trust me.
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