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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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This year was supposed to be fun for Rory and Derek’s summer. But there was a problem a very big problem. They had to meet a new girl in town named Bolivia. But Derek and Rory didn’t want to meet her. But as usual Rory’s mother forced them to, even though they didn’t want to.
The next day it was time for them to meet Bolivia but at the same time they had another friend that wanted them to go to his house. So they decided to go to hi house instead spending a whole summer sunny day with a girl. But when they arrived to their friend’s house they wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.
Then they thought to themselves maybe it wasn’t a horrible idea about meeting Bolivia. So when they got out of their friend’s houses they decided to go to Bolivia’s house. When they got to Bolivia’s house they knocked on the door but just before they knocked on the door they made a promise to not talk to Bolivia. Then the door opened Bolivia’s mother shouted out “welcome!”.
They stepped into the house and sat down on a char. Bolivia’s father yelled out, The hamburgers are ready!! They asked Rory and Derek how did they like there hamburger they said with everything. Finally it was time for them to eat. Then just when Rory was about to talk to Bolivia Derek whispered into Rory’s ear remember when we made a promises about not talking to Bolivia Rory said ya.
Then they began to stuff food into their mouths so they would not be able to talk to Bolivia and just when they were about to go home Bolivia’s mother yelled don’t leave now it is time for the cake!!Rory and Derek could not miss the cake. When they were done eating cake they had to go home.
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