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I think that 7th grade went well, until the end of 3rd quarter I didn’t keep up so much on my language arts homework. Mostly the blogs. Other than that it went well. I feel like I was very successful in my work and kept up with it. The only thing that wasn’t very successful was language arts. Honestly I would rather do written assignments because I forget about the blogs. Academically I learned more about Rome and Greece than I ever have before. I have never really gone into too much detail about Rome or Greece so doing that World History Fair on Rome was a lot of fun. Personally I learned more about friendship and how in middle school mostly you find out who your true friends are and who will be there for you. If I could go back and change anything, again it would be the blogs and keeping up with them. I learned the hard way that if you wait till the last minute to do things that it will come back and hurt you in the long run. In 8th grade I’m going to make sure I keep up with my missing assignment (if I have any.) And I am really looking forward to doing yearbook next year and being with all my friends.
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