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by Courtney B

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Courtney B

May Free Write

My Best Friends


Do you have Best Friends that you care about? Do you have best friends that go to different school like Towanda? I do I have four best friend that I care about so much that go to Towanda. Their names are Karlie M, Amber B, Caroline K, and Cassidy H.

My friend Karlie M she is one of my best friends since first grade at Towanda School. I remember when I first stayed at her house and we were jumping on the bed and bumped heads. I also remember when we down in the basement at her house playing hiding go seek and playing other games down there it was fun. We also watched the Amanda show with each other a lot. We also went sled riding over this big bump at her house and we landed face first in the snow it was so fun. I am so glad I can still hang out with her sometimes and even at the Dunn Hill 2 Speed WayJ.

My next friend is Amber B she is also one of my best friends. I also remember when I stayed at her house for her birthday party it was so fun. She also invited me to Knobbles with her and it was so fun to hang out with her and her sister and her mom. When she first went to Towanda I got to show her around and tell her teachers names and everyone else to. When she got use to everyone and started talking to everyone we were best friends to and she was friends with all my other friends to. I am so glad we still talk to each otherJ.

My next friend is Caroline K she is also my best friend. Her and I and our friend amber use to hang out all the time together. We also went to the movies together and our friend Amber did to and every weekends sometimes I would hang out with them. I also remember when I went to her house to hangout for the day. I also remember when we use to make up these crazy games at recesses with this girl Logan S and we use to play follow the leaders we did it was fun. I am also glad that she is still my best friend and we also talk to each other sometimes tooJ.

My last best friend is Cassidy H she is also my best friend. I use to live by her and I always use to hang out with her it was fun. I remember when she always use to ask for me to stay at her house and she would stay at my house. She also use to walk to school with me before and she always use to hang out with me every day. I am so glad were still friends and talk to each other a lotJ.


I am so glad these girls are my best friends they help me get through the rough times. Sometimes I never get to see them or talk to them but we are always there for each other.

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