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I've had an awesome time as a 7th grader this year. The teachers that I had were amazing. I know I will never forget team 743. This was my first year at Mountain Ridge and I'm really glad that I'm leaving as a happy 7th grader. I made lots of new friends and learned a lot. The thing that I learned the hard way is my World History Fair. It didn't turn out as good as I expected but, I did it. It was because I did it at the last minute. Honestly, it was easier then I thought. An advice that I would give out is, not to stress out about projects and things like this. It always turns out to be no big deal at the end. One thing that I would like to do next year in 8th grade is to enjoy it. Since I know people in this school now, I hope I could have a fun year with my friends. Well, I just really want to thank Mrs.Lubich, Mr.Howard, Ms.Kosters, Mrs.Gagnon, and finally Mrs.Marr. Even though Mrs. Marr came at the end she was still a very nice teacher. So, thank you for letting me have a great year and have a great summer!
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