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I think 7th grade was great, at least for me. 7th grade went by very fast and was very fun. For me most of the year was successful. Except for the third quarter that didn't go too well. I learned that you should do home work the day you get it instead of doing it on the next day like I did in the 3rd quarter. Another thing I learned was not to wait so long to work on projects and big assignments. I also learned about global economics and currency exchange from going to International Towne. International Towne was also really fun and worth all the work that we had to do. In science I personally learned that frogs smell bad and are hard to cut with scissors.
If I could change something I would have turned in all of my assignments when they were due and not wait until the last minute when they were due. That is one thing I learned the hard way, because my third quarter grades were not what I wanted them to be. If I could change anything else, I would want more field trips. I would also assign less math homework.
For all the sixth graders going into seventh grade, don't let the block schedule rule you, rule the block schedule. Do this by doing homework the day you get it, not the day before it is due. This lets you get it done and gives you extra time in case something comes up.
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