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Throughout 7th grade I have had a great time! I really enjoyed my teachers. Mr. Howard, Mrs. Lubich, Mrs. Gagnon, Mrs. Kosters, and Mrs. Marr are awesome teachers that I have really enjoyed this year. The most successful thing in this year was that I learned life lessons I could use when I am older. . Even though all my goals at the beginning of the year were never met, I can build off of this. If I learned any life lesson from this school year, it would be to make consequences for your actions. By learning this it has helped me transform as a student. During the 7th grade I have had many memorable experiences. We have gone to Fox Run Park, International Towne, had many P.A.W parties, spirit weeks, dissected a frog and chicken wings, and did the Greek unit. Of all these experiences, I think Fox Run Park was the most enjoyable. I think this, because when we did this, we got to build the best team and meet new friends. This helped us learn, gain life skills, and have fun. Once doing all these fun activities, we had to reflect with blogging. Blogging was my least favorite part about 7th grade. In 8th grade, I really do not want to do blogging because it is really annoying. It is difficult because it does not work about 40 percent of the time for me and I either have to do it at school or another day. Another thing I would not want to see in 8th grade is poetry. Poetry is pointless because it is like singing but singing has a purpose. One thing I will want to keep in 8th grade is my awesome teachers that I had in 7th grade. Overall, as we live our lives the most important thing about life is keep moving forward just like how we are moving into the 8th grade. Thank you everyone for the wonderful school year. Have a great summer!
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