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It was the begining of summer. My parants told me I should go on a walk. It was nice and hot out the sun was shining,the birds where singing. every thing was great, at least thats what I thought. My story begins like this I was walking but then I fell in a hole it was dark and damp. I could hear my heart in my ears. Then BANG I hit the bottom. I waited so long but no one came. But then I saw a light, I thoght I was dead when I heard the voices but I decided to crale toward it. When I reached the end I couldn't belive my eyes. I was shore I was dead because what I saw looked as if I have found a new world the trees where humonus the biggest trees I have ever seen. Imagine the biggest tree ever and times it by 100 thats how big they where. The animals where every where it was almost like they ruld this world. There was these wierd thing that looked kinda like people but they didn't. They rode the animals, and some had tails, and some had only one eye! When they saw me they cased me, but they were riding tigers so i had no chance any way. They took me to there home. No one talked though it looked like they where. They showed me to there leader.It went over to some others but I still didn't hear anything. Then someone came over to me and said "the reason you cant hear us is because we speak telipathicly." It sounded like a woman and she was one of the ones with tails. Then she said "I am hear to take you back where you came from." Things where going through my head a milian miles an hour but i maniged to say "I'm not dead!" I didn't hear it but I'm shore they were laughing. The girl said "No, now just show me where you came from and I'll help you get back." So I showed her where I came from and she helped me out of the hole and I ran as fast as I could all the way home.
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