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In seventh grade, I have learned a ton. I have worked hard on the world history fair, writing poems in language arts, and new things in exploritories. . Most of the poems were fun to make and were extremely easy to write. Also, the world history fair was stressful and annoying to work on, but I feel I did well there. For international towne, it was just not fun. It wastes a lot of time in enrichment and was not a worthwhile field trip. If anything, there should be more time on breaks. As of exploratories, I have learned in 3D art how to make plaster sculptures just like the one I am currently working on. I also went up on stage in drama to perform a skit. Overall, seventh grade was harder than sixth grade, but still sort of easy.

Next year, I am looking for the exploritories I wanted and for the final year of middle school. Though, I do think that next year won’t be as well as this year. Being in eighth grade will be a pain with more homework, but less of a pain with projects. To next year’s seventh graders, I advise to turn your work in on time and to not procrastinate on the huge projects.
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