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by Mila teacher: Mark Ahlness

On the way to Chinatown we saw a restaurant called Pyramid. It was also our friend Samantha's first time in downtown Seattle. Finally we got to Chinatown. Oops I forgot something. We had to have a parent chaperone driver there and whoever your chaperon was you had to ride in the car with them. My chaperone was Lucas's mom. The people in my group where Ja’nathan, Samantha, Me, Lucas and Jonathan.

When we got there we went to the store Uwaiajmaya. It was fun. But we didn't get to buy anything. We saw the seafood first. Then we saw fortune cookies. There were flavored ones. My group saw these glass balls and knives that cost 100-1000$. we also saw teas, cool mugs, and went to the toy section of the store. At one point we found the book store. It was cool. First, we looked at the chinese/japanese picture chapter books. Then we went to the upstairs of the book store. It was cool. You could see the whole book store. Did I mention the sticker wall, there were like 400 stickers pages. Cool right.

Then we went to the fortune cookie factory. We got a personal tour. It was cool. First, we saw how they make the rice noodle. They are wheat free. Second, we saw how they make their regular noodles. We ate some fresh ones dry. After, that he told us the trick to making noodles. First, you boil. Then you put the nodles in. Aftert another 7-10 minutes you throw them at the wall and if it sticks it is ready. Finally we saw how they make their fortune cookies. We had some flat ones and some folded ones. The company also makes flavored ones.

After that, we went to the restaurant Sun Ya. It was delicious. There was a chopstick contest and we won and so did two other groups. I sat on our forks so that no one at our table would use them. We took no bites with the forks at our table. I tried tea for the first time. It was good. Mr. Ahlness was at our table. It was so fun but finally we had to leave.

Then we went to the park. I played on the bars and it was fun. I had no idea that it would be so fun. But at one point I got bored so that's what happened at the park.
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