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First, we went to Uwajimaya, it was okay, but definitely not my favorite. I saw some ducks. It made me feel disturbed. Because their heads were twisted around their body like forty, times. Second, thing we did was look in the store.

Then we went to the book store. We saw an adult comedy book. It had a kid lying next to a tiger if I saw correctly. The moms were talking about how humorous it was and how that there was a copy on YouTube. Kids started reading that certain book and the moms decided it was time to leave the book store.

After that, we waited to go to our next stop...

The trip to the cookie factory was really fun. We got cookies at the Fortune Cookie Factory. The cookies were really good. I know why there are roses at the beginning of each fortune. It’s because the bosses great, great Grand father really liked roses. They have a bunch of big machinery at the cookie factory. They used to make cookies by hand. Now, they have big machines to do it. Next, we got to try the fortune cookies. They were really good.

Third, we went to lunch at Sun Ya, a restaurant in China Town. I soon found out there was someone pickier then me. It was Mari, she barely ate anything. Me and Elle were pretending that we were fancy business woman complaining about how terrible the service was when actually it was really good service. It was so hard to eat with chopsticks. There was a chopstick contest where whichever table had the least amount of bites taken with a fork won a prize.

But it turns out that everybody got one. Elle almost spoiled it for us she took one bite with her fork. Then we went to the park and it was really fun. I went on this spinning thing. And we walked on the walls on the park. Then we took a group picture with room nine and room twelve collided. Finally, we had to leave say good by by China town. It was a very very very interesting ride back but I can’t put my finger on why it was interesting, it will be a mystery for all man kind forever. This is one of twenty of the only ways you could findout about this rip and all twenty are the same.

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