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Ok, so 7th grade wasn’t my best year of school, but it was definiently my favorite. It was way fun being a seventh grader and knowing that I’m getting to be a teenager and stuff. But the thought of middle school being so close is just plain scary for me, I don’t know why. My grades were the most successful compared to last year, along with my band activities and just my moods in general. However, through all the success, I had some failiers. Such as turning in things on time. there was just so much that would pile up and then go back down that it was hard to keep up with. I learned lots of things during school, mostly how dissection works and how fun and creepy it can be, how much fun vocab tests can be, and how much I need to work on my group work skills. I would probably change many things ( not really many things.) like how much students dislike teachers for being stricter than others. I say, if you don’t do your work like your supposed to , then let the teacher be strict with you. that’s kinda their jobs, to be strict so you learn. ( ok, yeah I love all my teachers no matter what because they like me and I love homework and they are the ones that provide me with my love and also, I never really spoke up enough to get on their really bad side so I’m safe.) and things I learned the hard way, oh yes I have lots. I learned that group work is always a must in school in every class and you cant get out of it NO MATTER WHAT!, unless your like me, someone who holds their breathe when close to tears, causing a panic attack to happen and almost passing out in the middle of class. (note, I advise never to do this. I cant control it when I do it, but that does not mean its an easy way out of class. Its not.) I also learned the hard way that my little habit of doing my homework the night before the day I have the class instead of the night I get it, wont work out so well for me in the future.

And for all the new coming 7th graders, I just have to say congratulations on making it through the first stages of middle school. Advice I have to give for survival: make sure to do the homework the NIGHT IT IS GIVEN, not the night before its due. Trust me, youll have problems. And if you hate group work, prepare yourself because, you know, there is going to be a LOT of group work in 7th grade. More than 6th. And also, don’t be afraid to talk to the teachers. They aren’t ravenous dogs that will eat your head off if you don’t turn in your homework, or if you ask them a question, tell on a student for misbehavior that the teacher didn’t see. They are there to help you. if you feel better writing your problems down, then do that and hand it to them after class. They’ll talk to you and work things out. the teachers are really nice, despite what anyone says. And be sure to have fun, enjoy 7th grade. Just think, your almost through middle school with two years left to go. besides, your finally mature teenagers! That’s, like, the best thing ever I think. Well, it was for me.
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