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7th grade has been fun for me. I have made lots of new friends and met lots of new people. I believe for me 7th grade was a successful year because I learned new things everyday and I took all that knowledge in. In ways things were confusing to me and I never learned them and I didn’t ask for help which didn’t help me solve that problem, so that was un-successful. I learned how to find the area of a circle, how to write a persuasive speech, how the human body works, and I learned all about the history of Greece and China. I learned lots of new things but some things I would change would be to pay attention more in class instead of talking to my friends and I would of worked more hard and lots of projects. When I go into 8th grade I will definitely change those but in 8th grade I will have to meet all new people and I want to make sure I make a good impression on them so I will change the way I say things to people in 8th grade and make sure everything I say is the right thing. For the new 7th graders………you probably already know this but MAKE SURE YOU TURN IN WORK ON TIME!
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