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I learned that friction is a force that happens when two objects rub together. Without friction there would be nothing to stop us from sliding all over the place.
We used a 10/2.5 newton scale to measure the friction force of a wood block and 5 different surface types. I learned from inquiry 6.1 that the force of friction is different when something is dragged across different surfaces.
From inquiry 6.2 I learned that the weight you pull across a surface, the friction force there is. We dragged a block across one particular but, this time we changed the weight that we dragged across the surface. In conclusion, the more weight= the more friction.
From inquiry 6.3 I learned that if something has a smaller surface area with the same weight the smaller surface area has more friction force. For this experiment, we used on block but changed the surface area. The smaller surface area had more friction force.
FRICTION IS FUN=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://!!!
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