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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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Hi, this is Lucas blogging and today you’re going to be reading about the famous American I would like to meet if he were still alive. That famous man is George Herman Ruth, Jr. or as we all know him “Babe Ruth”. I hope you enjoy reading.
First off, I would like you to know why I would like to meet him. I would like to meet him because he was a baseball legend. He has been my idol since I first started playing. I think that he has paved way for many kids like me and that motivates us to become just as good as him some day. I think it would also be cool because he could even give me some advice, especially since I’m in a slump.
Now, here is some more information about this amazing man. Babe had 714 home runs in his total career. I think that would be impossible for me.George had as we all know played for the Yankees but he also played for the Red Sox and the Braves. He played for the Red Sox for his first five years in Major League and then was traded to the Yankees for 15 years he then played for the Braves for a brief time before he retired in 1935.
Well, I hope you learned so much more after reading my blog. Thank you. Feel free to comment.

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Hi my Name is Lucas and I can't wait to be bloging this year. I hope you like my blogs so stay tuned for more reading

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