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The 7th grade was good. I think I achieved a milestone, covered partly in bushes. It might not look significant, but, nevertheless, it is still a milestone. 7th grade was different. There was more work but there were fun things too, like football and weaving an awesome hat.

There was also lots of learning. I learned Spanish, poetry, algebra, body parts, etc. I learned, in a personal way, how to be responsible, timely, and organized (in my work).


There are a few things that I would change. There should be a locker a person. I know that is not entirely possible, but it would still be nice. I also think that we should be allowed to choose our locker. Then we should have more field trips.


7th grade was good overall. Of course, there were a few uneventful, stressful, complicated, tiring, and boring moments but 90% was positive. I am looking forward to summer break. Also for the new seventh graders I say, be confident, but not too confident. If you are too confident then people will dislike you.

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