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7th grade was really fun, I have so many memories. One of my Favorite memories is International Towne, I was a Finance Minister in Ghana,and I loved haning out with freinds, wandering around the "world" and buying things. 7th grade was pretty fun, but, I think we got a bit too much homework this year. Even so, 7th grade has been pretty fun. One of my successes in 7th grade was getting honor roll 1st semester. One failure (I guess that's a little harsh) was probrobly going, mny times, too the wrong period class, like science, my G1 class on purple days, lunch early (that was really embarrasing), ect. Academically I learned more skills in most of my classes and got alot better at spanish. Personally I learned ways to stay more focused, (I have been struggling with a VERY short attention span.). I would change, most likely, is having more feild trips. I don't hav a reat memory, but, I think we only had International Towne, (I may be wrong). in 8th rade i want school to start later, I hear Eagleveiw is starting later next year, I want to sleep in too :D. Something I learned the hard way is too keep your planner up to date, i've forgoten somehomework and stayed for HCC a couple times.My advice for  nwxt year's 7th graders is to keep on top of your homework. Anyways guys, have a great summer break guys!

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