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I thought 7th grade was pretty fun despite the ups and downs of it. The things that were successful were making new friends, trying to solve new problems that came along with being a 7th grader, and totally having better grades than last year. The thing that wasn't successful was me trying to get into a higher range for math test scores. What I learned academically is that I can push myself to do greater things than I have ever done before. What I learned personally is that I can give it my all and not really give it my all. I also learned that I personally should try to have a better attitude about things and try new things every once in awhile. What I would change is who I became in the first semester of the school year and have no missing assignments at all. There were some things I learned the hard way like having my phone on in my pocket in class and having too many missing assignments. Some things I would like to change or do in the 8th grade is accomplish the goal of not having any missing assignments and try to have a higher range for a math test grade. A piece of advice for incoming 7th graders is don't argue with somebody about something that's stupid regardless if they are younger than you or who started it. The key thing is don't continue the arguement and try to be the bigger person.

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