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During my year as a seventh grader, I learned a lot. I enjoyed expanding my knowledge and learning about all sorts of new things in each of my classes. I believe that I was really sucessful in writing with more detail and more advanced vocabulary. I also think that I found some now ways to study for tests. All the vocabulary tests and science tests helped me to develop techniques for studying such as creating flashcards and quizes to prepare myself for tests. One thing I thought that I could have done better is utilize the enrichment time that was given to work on as much homework as I can. I felt like that my math skills have increased immensely. I now can factor and solve quadratic equations and simplify rational equations. Emotionaly, i think I have learned how to handle friendships better. I also think that I have become a better leader. I have learned how to be a leader without being bossy. One thing I would change about seventh grade is the way I approached different projects. I feel like I could have researched the different topics of my projects with more detail and thoroughness. In the eighth grade, I am going to plan out my time better. I can definately work on my time management. For all the incoming seventh graders out there, I have one tip for surviving seventh grade. Do your homework. It will affect your grade really badly if you don't.
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