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by Bonnie B teacher: Melanie Transue
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Track Season: May Free Write

Have you ever wondered when people start to practice for a sport well I start to practice before we practice after school.March is the month that track practice starts. It’s something I look forward to the whole year then the first practice comes. The coaches give us an hour and a half abs workout video that made us so sore. Then the next day when I tried to walk it hurt to walk and I didn’t want to sit down because when I got up it hurt and I couldn’t walk right away. By the end of the week you start to feel really good but then the weekend comes. You start to feel really good and you go back to school. Then they make you do a hard workout the next practice you start to feel horrible again. You have to stretch out really well and you try to but it doesn’t make anything better.

When you tell the coach that you are sore he says that you will get better over the next few weeks. You just have to get back into running again because you took the winter off. Then you wait a few weeks and you find out that he was right and you start to do races and you are feeling really good and all of your pain goes away. When you start to do the races and you get used to what events you are doing you start to have fun. Then when you do more races because you are having fun, the pressure that you feel along with feeling like you are going to do bad goes away. When you start winning events it also gives you more confidence in yourself that you can do better in the races. Maybe even make it to districts if you don’t have any injuries like pulling a muscle or hurting an ankle. If you make it to districts you get a really bad stomach ache and butterflies. When you start to race you the butterflies start to go away but then you can’t turn them into energy to race faster and you have to push yourself harder. Then if you are in sprints you have to so many heats to do of the race because there are so many kids that you have to race. All the heats that you run get you really tired and by the last one you are feeling like you can’t go anymore.

Therefore there is a lot of fun in track but also a lot to learn so you don’t get hurt. For all the people that think it’s a team sport it really isn’t each event you do counts on you personally and how good you run.

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