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7th grade was ok I could say I really love all my teachers. But drama with friends was not so fun. I also learned a lot this year to. I learned something in all of my classes. I got better at a lot of things. I could have done better but I did the best I could do. Making my two best friends was a success .well losing some friends was not successful. Math was not a successful part of this year at all. But I learned something in math so that’s good. What I learned academically was always try your best and never give up. Personally I learned was never give up and I NEED TO STOP BEING SHY=http:// . I would change all the drama this year with friends. Yes there was some stuff I had to learn the hard way. Like don’t talk in class or the teachers will yell at you. Stop being shy and being my own self.

Ok and the coming 7th graders. 7th grade is not that hard and horrible it was ok. If you guys get this team of teachers this year would be fun. Because these are the best teachers ever. They are really nice so u will get though it .
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