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Color Poem:


Green is the color of summer grass

Green is the scaly iguana climbing up the tree

Your face is green when you are sick

The palm fronds are green in the Sahara desert

The yucca fibers are green on the vast open pains

Our planners are a glossy green

Green is the unripe apple hanging on a branch

The red-eyed tree frog’s slimy skin is green

Green is the thick rainforest and all of its life

The flowing Nile River is green

Green is the color of life

Wild Animal Monster Poem:

He has pythons for hair

His eyes are poison dart frogs

For toes, little mice

Gibbons for legs

Zebras for hips

Pheasants make eye-brows

A tongue is a beaver

His shirt, a family of leopards

Two burros for a back-side

His lips are salamanders

When he thumps by, he lets out a roar

He is the animal king

And the animal kingdom

He is a loud, leaping, swinging, and romping

Wild animal

Playing With Words:


An elf happened to have a grudge

He hated a pony named Fudge

It was soon Fudge’s Birthday

And elf wanted his say

He found a surprise

That Fudge would despise

Elf bought a cup-cake

And also a rake

For he knew that the mess

Would be a distress

Little Fudge had no idea

That with his birthday so near

Would come pain and fear

The day soon came for the surprise

Little did Fudge know that elf had planned his demise

He opened the present

That he would immediately resent

Though the pony was too late

For he is now in an unfortunate state

And all because of the cup-cake


Wish Poem

I wish I was a falcon

Soaring in the sky

Shooting through clouds


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