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by Alicia H teacher: Melanie Transue
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Dear New Ninth Grader,

Hey! Welcome to Ninth Grader! My name is Mari H here is some advice for you. For English, I would recommend that you do all of your work because if you don’t, you’ll fail. When you take notes take them because it will help you. When you go to the library to do your blogs you can get all of it done. You will finish if you sit there and don’t talk to anyone. Just sit there and do your work. It’s not hard to do the blogs, but one thing that you might not like is that you have to speak for one of your blogs. When you get to do the free write, write about whatever you want to. If you don’t get your blogs done in class if you have a study hall go to the library and do your blogs.

For health, I would recommend that you do your work like taking the notes and study for the test and quizzes. If you don’t you will fail all the test and quizzes. Mrs. Farr is a nice teacher until you get on her bad side. If one of your family members has been in her class she will recommend that your sister or brother help you with your homework when she gives it out.

For civics, I would recommend that you do your work like taking notes and study for his test because they are very hard. When he gives out homework do it because it’s not hard. He doesn’t give it out every night.

For science, I would recommend that you do your work in class like taking notes. You can use your notes on the test, but I would still study for the test. When he gives you a worksheet do it because it will help you a lot.

For math, it’s hard for me to recommend things for this class because kids have different teachers. If you are in learning support the math is not hard. I would still recommend that you do your work no matter what teacher you have.

This is what I would recommend the classes are not hard but do your work in all your classes.

Mari H
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