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World history is very important to people. For some it is an interesting topic. Others think it is just something to learn about. World history can help later on in life. What if you never learned about your culture or heritage? What if you didn't know what customs you had to follow? What if you didn't anything about the past? Even history that didn't affect the world is important. You learn how to handle situations better then you did before. You learn how to overcome your fears. I learned not to brag because maybe I just might get snakes for hair like Medusa. I also learned to not use (for girls) beauty as a charm or I might just be able to turn people into stone like Medusa. The most interesting part to me is how much I learned about history and lessons I could use later on in life.

The other seventh graders had some really nice projects. I learned quite a bit. I learned that the Trojan War was over a woman (Haha silly men). I also learned about ancient arcitechture (very interesting displays). Also I learned about a lot of ancient, important people. That was a fun day I am glad we had it.
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