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Google Maps update offers indoor walking directions

This article contains a remarkable step in the advancement of directional technology. People, using the Google Maps application, are able to get directions more easily and effectively. This new form of directions gives people the way to go not only to get to certain places, but also inside buildings as well. Advancing through malls and other public places such as airports and other places as well has been made much easier using the knowledge of the technology experts around the world.

I found this article extremely interesting to read. Not only was it interesting due to the advancement of technology, but I also saw this new update as a slight invasion of privacy. It allows people to know what is in every place, everywhere, at any time. This could defnitely rend badly if it got into the hands of the wrong people. For this reason, I found the article based on Google Maps extremely interesting, and I will be sure to follow along with this story to see what happens regarding these directional applications.

Grol, B. (2012, May 11).  "Google Maps Update Offers Indoor Walking Directions". Retrieved from http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/05/11/google-maps-update-offers-indoor-walking-directions/



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