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I enjoyed my day at International Towne. It was a cool experience to run the town, and have so much control of how the day went. I liked how the break schedule was organized so that not more than three people were gone at a time. However, I felt annoyed when the people in my country didn’t follow that schedule. It was hard to do six jobs at once. When I was trying to do my work as financial minister, I had to stop what I was doing and greet people. It was hard to manage my time and figure out just what I could do for everyone else in my country. I wish the breaks had been longer. Fifteen minutes was not enough to get what I wanted to done. The best part of this experience was being in charge of your own money. I think that it was good to know how much of each currency I had and plan what I was going to buy accordingly. I learned that it was best to talk to your president if you have any problems. They can solve the problem easily because they can help steer you in the right direction. I think that International Town was a really interesting and fun field trip.

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