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We have three 6th grade Science classes and two 8th grade Science classes blogging here from the Pacific Northwest in Chimacum, WA! Sixth graders are learning a bit about Mt Saint Helens, environmental science through fresh water ecology, and physical science this year. Eighth graders are learning about life science this year. Please join us as we learn Science by exploring our world.
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Our snail conclusions
Our question was will the snails go to slow or fast music? Our solution was the snails decided to move to fast music. at first it looked like they didnt know where to go, but they made there way to the fast music eventually. Our evedince was our data table that we recorded they went to the fast music 4 out of 5 times. Our data supports our evidence because it tells they did actually go to the fast music. Our errors were one snail wouldnt come out of his/her shell but overall it went pretty well 3-4 of our prediction were right one was wrong.
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