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Sing It Out

“Check Yes Juliet” by We the Kings


Do you think that “Check Yes Juliet” is a good song for Romeo and Juliet or is it very different from the story? I think it’s different from the story because Juliet doesn’t “check yes Juliet” she falls in love with Romeo. Do you think that Romeo in the song “Check Yes Juliet” is taking her away from her parents for the same reason as the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare? Why in the song “Check Yes Juliet” does Romeo want to run away but in the play Romeo and Juliet he does not want to run away, he just wants to be married to Juliet?

                “Check yes Juliet” are you with me? Rain is falling down on the sidewalk I won’t go until you come outside”. The first reason why I think the song is different from the story is that it isn’t raining on the sidewalks and Romeo is on the balcony with Juliet. “Check Yes Juliet” kill the limbo I’ll be tossing rocks outside your window”. In the book Juliet isn’t riding in a limbo and Romeo does not toss rocks at her window. In the story the Capulet’s do hate the Montague’s so Romeo and Juliet don’t tell there parents that they are getting married. Romeo wants Juliet to leave and do not say a word to her parents Romeo and Juliet.

                In the song “Check Yes Juliet” Romeo leaves and Juliet is all upset and I think the count down 3…2….1 means that she’s going to leave and die and Romeo is going to die next. The next reason is that they would run away together to get away from all the people. They think it would be much better if they didn’t because probably all the argument would go away in the family. In the song “Check Yes Juliet” they just want to run away but in the book she wants to kill herself and be with the wild bears instead of getting married to Paris. In the story Romeo and Juliet Juliet’s parents aren’t forcing her to get married to somebody she doesn’t love.

                In conclusion there are many differences from the song to the book. I think that songs and movies have used parts of William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet in their songs, movies, and cartoons.

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