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We are Mr. Brune's 5th Grade at Mamaroneck Avenue School in Mamaroneck, NY, USA!

by MonkeyFreak#1 teacher: MAS 5B 2011 - 2012
Class Assignments
i-Prints 05/11
Miro 05/11
Final Pioneer Diary Entry 05/10
Poetry 04/24
Inquiry 03/25
Return to the Moon 03/11
Literary Essay 01/12
Self Portraits 10/21
Sculpture 12/02
Revision 11/22
School Report 10/31
Personal Narrative 10/26
A True Story From Your Life 10/21
Independent Writing 10/21
Blog Entries

Mabel Moore
Diary entry
Early Nov. 1887

Well, these might be the last words I write. It has been a tough trip from Independence, Missouri. Everything has been alright since I have left home.

My daughter, Jenny, has made many friends. We have experienced some tough situations, but it has been alright. Anna’s son and Irene’s child getting married, Caleb’s wife and daughter getting lost, Abigail’s son’s dieing, Sarah’s son’s death and so many more. (Nothing really happened to me). Those were some good and bad times.

Well, our decision was to go back to Paradise. I am happy about the decision our wagon made. In Paradise, it is, well, Paradise! Everything is peaceful there. My daughter wanted to stay there! Even though the guide said some of the land might be taken already, I still want to go to Paradise. It even made my wagon earn a little more energy!

What I expect to happen next is to not DIE! I want to live and prove to myself that I can live. I want everyone to be safe, and I don’t want anything bad happening to our wagon. All that stuff that happened before is too much!

Well, my advice for the future pioneers is good luck!

Mabel Moore

P.S. Watch out for that Wagon Master of all Wagon Masters!
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