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Have you ever heard of the amazing Babe Ruth? Well I am pretty sure you have! If you haven’t then this is the perfect place to learn some information on him!

One reason I chose Babe Ruth is because he is one of the greatest baseball players of all time! I have heard a lot of cool things about Babe Ruth but I never really knew anything about him! So I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn more about him! So I did some research and now I know a lot about him!
If I met Babe Ruth I would have him give me a lesson on baseball! That is because I don’t know anything about baseball and I would love to learn! I know about softball but hardly anything about baseball! I always thought there wasn’t a difference between the two, but now I know there is!

Babe Ruth was born on February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was 1 of 8 but his sister survived with him! Babe Ruth had two wives the 1st one was Helena and his 2nd was Clarie. When he was with Helena he adopted a girl. When he was with Clarie he had two daughters naturally and adopted one more. Her name was Julia. Babe Ruth died of Cancer August 16, 1948.

Do you know how Babe got his nickname? Many of you may not know that Babe’s real name is George Herman Ruth Jr. Babe got his nickname from playing with the red socks. He was the youngest one on the team so they called him “Baby, Babe” for short. That nickname carried on with his career.

Babe started playing baseball on July 11, 1914. In between the time of his career he was elected in 1936 to be in the Hall Of Fame! Id that was me I would be jumping up and down and screaming! In 1918 he was traded to the New York Yankees. There he worked as an outfielder and a batter! He was really good. In his whole career he hit a total of 714 homeruns!!! Babe Ruth had a passion and love for baseball. He stopped playing baseball on May 30, 1936.

That was all about why I would like to meet Babe Ruth and a few interesting facts! Thank you I hope you enjoyed!
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