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Darkstar peaks up her head to see Sinfur walking towards her. "Oh no.. I'll be right back."

Lightsout looks after her...Nutpaw padds over and stares at him...."What?" He asks. "Nothing" Nutpaw walks away to stand ver Denkit with a soft smile.

Darkstar looks at Lightsout and at Dragonheart. Darkstar whispers, " Is that really what Starclan showed you?"

Dragonheart nodds..."Yes..."She smiles and then says in a soft chuckle. "So leader! i was wondering what you think of my clanmate?" Pointing her nose over to Lightsout she purred as the tom walked over to Nutpaw and talked to her.

"I think it's perfect Dragonheart!' the she leader exclaims. Darkstar purrs with amusement as her little brothers pretend to be enimies

Dragonheart lays back on her bellie and feels a kit kick her. "Geez! Calm down." She says softly to the unborn warriors..."I have a few queastions for you Darkstar..." Dragonheart looks the leader in the eyes for a moment.

"What may those be?" Darkstar looks at the she queen.

"First...What do you plan to do with this clan? we are powerfull yes...But what about the other clans...How do you think starclan will welcome us."

"They will. They've known i would do this since i was a young apprentice." Darkstar sigh, " But there is worse things yet to come young queen."

Dragonheart frownds..."It wont us will it?" She asks and puts a paw on her bellie.

"No no no. The younglings will be fine." Darkstar looks at Silverpelt," There is worse things yet come as in to Lightsout, Nutpaw, Sinfur, Denkit, and myself. There is things that will happen to us."

Dragonheart looks at the she-leader with soft eyes..."Alright...Just be safe, and iv'e know Lightsout even before her came to the clans...If you ever need help...HE will be there."

"I know."

Dragonheart starts to fall asleep...And soon she was. Lightsout looks over his shoulder to see his leader. "Darkstar! could you come here please?"

"Coming!" Darkstar jumps with excitement over to Lightsout.

(new part of it years later)

" My name is Spiritclaw" Speaks with proudness in her voice. Starts to regret talking to the other cat.

"My...yes you have spirit." Says Hawkclaw.

Sees another cat in the clearing and starts to charge toward the Shadowclan warrior.

"Wait NO! Stop" Hawkclaw cries.

HISSES AT THE OTHER WARRIOR AND ATTACKS..heads into the bushes with shame in her eyes.

Hawkclaw looks into the woods and calls out,"You need not be afraid."

Looks back at the clearing and heads back into it by a path of water.

"I'm not your enemy" says Hawkclaw.

Spiritclaw sits at the very edge and stays there.

I sit and stare back, but with a warm gaze.

Spiritclaw's eyes turn white and speaks very quietly, "Shadow and thunder will become one with those of spirit, Spirit will become ghost."

"My my, you are an ambitious one."says Hawkclaw.

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