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World history effects us today because it is important to the country and nation to see what amazing things makes up our amazing world! The most interesting part about my project was how smart and clever Greeks and people in general were way back then. I guess they didnt wast brain cells on tv so that probably made them smarter. What also impressed me was how fast they built, revised, and did their plan. If I was incharge of that plan it would take me ages to even come up with a name for the plan let alone the plan in itself in under 3 weeks.
In other peoples projects I got jealous because they were so good!! Most everyone worked so hard and I learned so much from everyones projects! Some things I learned from other peoples projects were thataquaducts were very important in the ancient times and that most important ancient buildings were ofter built over and over again because they were so old. I learned to much to fit in just one blog!! The World History Fair was super fun!
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