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This is a space for adult students of grade 10, 11 and 12 English Language Arts to communicate about what and how they are learning, both in and out of class.

by teacher: Jody Ferguson
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Doing a research project is really straight forward; you brainstorm ideas and questions around your topic and begin your research from there. Gather relevant info. and start organizing your research in an order that makes sense to you. From there you start writing your essay blah, blah, and blah. Everything about a research project is tedious, repetitive and very time consuming. At least that is the impression I got from all these notes, and web pages that we have read and looked at, they all just seem to tell you the same thing, just worded differently in each one. I was always taught that as long as you did not plagiarize you info. and can understand what you have re-written and explain, than you’ve done a good job. I can still appreciate needing to this do develop the necessary skills that are required in a lot of fields of employment. So yes I’m learning new things, but they are also confusing some of which I thought I already knew.
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