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Ok, so I will admit that I haven’t even finished the book yet, but I know its going to be good because I read the book Party and it didn’t let me down, and it was written in the same style as Seedfolks.  Seedfolks, for those of you who have no idea what it’s about, is about this girl with a broken home who starts a garden in an abandoned and trashed lot. As the girl does this, she has no idea that there are others watching her and soon pitching in. so it’s from everyone of the people’s perspectives, but they all tie into the garden that the girl had started, later on to have it grow into something beautiful, which changes a trashed and abandoned lot into something amazing. Party does the same thing, show everyone’s personal points of view, but it’s not a garden that ties them together, it’s a party. It’s about high school kids, so I expected no less. ( taught me many things though about right and wrong and big things about drugs and alcohol and other things that could turn my life upside down. Great life lessons to be learned through that book.) as for the activities we did for Seedfolks, I have to say they were fun. ( just would have prefered doing more things that didn’t make my cat want to eat them. such as the plant activity with my choir class. My darling kitten, Asia, ate the worm and the plant. =_=) but they were fun and really good. The “big idea” of the story I would have to say would be ( again haven’t finished the book.) that just something so simple can make everyone’s life better, fun and even turn something beautiful. And my fave character as of yet? That’s a tough one because I haven’t met all of them yet. But I would have to say it would be the kid with the uncle who doesn’t speak English and no one can understand what he says because he speaks a different language than his family and everyone else. I like this character because he’s spunky, and gets a smart attitude that makes you hate him so much that you love him. ( I know, weird right?!) my fave activity was probably the music one in my band class because it was fun to try and guess which songs went with which country and person. ( even if I missed a ton of them! XD)  

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