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“Hurtful words, from my enemies of the last five years, what’s it like to die alone?” Escape the Fate wrote a song called “Not Good Enough for the Truth in Cliché”. This song intertwines an almost modern version of Romeo & Juliet. They loosely take details from the traditional Shakespeare play and they do accurately use Juliet’s name in the song.

The song actually is written as if Romeo had written it. He is speaking about his dear Juliet. They are mainly portrayed as a daring couple. “Sitting in this room playing Russian roulette, Finger on the trigger to my dear Juliet…” This like shows how they are risky kids. Romeo and Juliet were a risk taking pair who would (and did) die for each other.

When using Romeo and Juliet as a base for this song, they do that pretty well. The whole song mainly speaks of how he is without his Juliet. “This blood on my hands is something I cannot forget, something I cannot forget.” ‘Romeo’ finds it his fault she died, because he had to leave. It strays with some details making it a bit inaccurate, but for the most part this song is about Romeo & Juliet.

Many songs have used Romeo and Juliet and odd ways, but this song uses them quite accurately.  This song is a divine tale of a pair of risk-taking kids in love. “Not Good Enough for the Truth in Cliché” is a lovely modern day collaboration of Shakespeare and Escape the Fate.

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