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World history has a lot to do with present day. If it weren't for history, we couldn't know what to do next. Because of history, there are advancements and mistakes. Both of which help us. If it weren't for the mistakes that were made, there are a lot of mistakes that could be repeated. If it weren't for the advancements (that we now call basic inventions) that were made, we wouldn't have a solid foundation of engineering. As a result, new inventions would not be as great. As I researched my topic, Hunnic warfare, I found that the Huns contributed to some modern day inventions. The spur, for example, was thought to be first used by the Huns. Also, the soldiers were all bowmen. This could have contributed to the rise of projectile weaponry and the fall of melee weapons.

I found that learning about other people's topics was almost as fun about learning about my topic. I didn't really learn much, but there are some facts that I picked up. For example, I learned that there are many types of gladiators that use different weapons. I also learned that the plague originated in rats and fleas.

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