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My guiding question was, "How did the Roman amphitheaters affect the Roman people?"

Well, I have found that the amphitheaters gave Romans a sense of pride. This is so because going to the games meant that their empire was strong, successful, and wealthy. After discovering concrete, the Romans were building amphitheaters all over the vast stretch of the empire. The Romans were also reminded of their proud history of well won battles and glorious victories. The Romans were reminded because occasionally the gladiators would play out scenes from ancient battles just as a reminder. The amphitheater was also adorned with beautiful carvings of the Gods. The spectators paid their respects and there were often human sacrifices. Today Roman amphitheaters don't affect the world as much as they used to, but they are still used as tourism sites and a place to learn about the glory of the Roman Empire and the magnificent amphitheaters.

I learned a lot from other projects, like they used tar in the Babylonian gardens to prevent rot in the structure. I also learned that Romans used quite a few (very interesting looking) tools for farming. Also, that the Retiarii gladiators used nets and tridents as weapons. I believe that people learned a lot from the World History Fair and I look forward to seeing my sister's project next year when she is in seventh grade.

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