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How did Leonardo da Vinci’s Helical Air Screw impact further flight designs?—Guiding Question

Leonardo da Vinci’s Helical Air Screw was the building block for further helicopter designs. Many inventors took his idea and ran with it. They believed his overall concept was good, but his mechanism did not create enough force or torque to actually fly. Many prototypes were created but the engine was finally the answer. Without Leonardo da Vinci’s Helical Air Screw the world would have no helicopters. Leonardo was an insane genius. I re-learned this through the creation of my 3-D model. I do not know how Leonardo was able to keep his fabric upright. I had to use starch and I do not think he had clothing starch to keep his linen rigid. Plus, I am puzzled how he made the swirl increase in diameter. My dad and I spent countless minutes trying to recreate it but eventually had to settle with creating a look alike. The most interesting part was making my 3-D model. It took a lot of thinking, paper designs, and hot glue to create what I did. Overall, it was a good project and I think I did well.

            Oh the things history has to teach us. I think that I really got to see and learn a part of history this World History Fair. I learned how important gold and salt were to ancient Ghana. Without these two resources, Ghana could’ve crumbled having no way to trade or create the foods that they did. Ghana even had guards to protect its trading routes to protect the gold and salt. From Alec I learned how the Punic War was ended. As Rome was about to lose the war, there was the battle of Carthage.  The Romans were able to get a leg up by using elephants as war machines and transportation. Rome ended up winning the battle and eventually winning the war. Of all the projects that I saw, these two were well done and I was able to remember them the best. I also do recall snippets about Athena, Aqueducts, and The Roman Colosseum.

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