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Our lives are influenced by the world history fair because of all the things we learn about the old days could influence where we work in the future. We also get influenced by the world history fair because we know what to do in the future with big projects or quizes. We also can take home our knowledge and spread it to other people who then in turn spread it to another and so fourth. My guiding question was Why Were Gladiators Invented? I learned that gladiators were not only invented to punish some people but for enterainment purposes too. I also found out that gladiators fought other things than one another they also fought animals like lions and bears. The most interesting part for me was watching all the other display boards exspecialy the 3d projects because they were a blast for a lot of people.
The most interesting things were some of the catapolts and the sheilds because both were really big and cool looking. I didn’t really learn anything but I found out what people were doing from their 3d projects and a couple of senteces. Oh yeah John Brodrim told me where he got the material for his sheild that he made. I also got to know what a carmel pyrimd tastes like. I also learned don’t put hot glue on sugar cubes because of Ben Reiling. Oh and I learned that Gahhna transported salt and gold that’s how it became rich (Brock).
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