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                World history influences our live today in just about every way possible. This is because all of the actions and consequences of people and civilizations resulted in our technology, culture, government, laws, and so many more things that we don’t think about. My guiding question was, "How were aqueducts effectively made and used in ancient Rome?" and I learned a lot more about the construction than the use. The most interesting part was some of the facts that I learned. One of those facts was that the aqueducts were built so they dropped 2-3 feet per mile of distance traveled.

                I did learn a couple of cool things from other people’s projects. I learned from Isaac that Cӕsar was pronounced Kaiser, like the German leader. I learned that Romans used siege towers; I thought that was just other civilizations. From one project I learned that the Incans created bows that could shoot am mile (I think). I learned from Alec that the Romans used war elephants to win one of the Punic Wars. I did learn a lot of other cool stuff, but these were the most interesting ones.

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