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teacher: Jody Ferguson

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I choose "don't matter" lyric by Akon, because it represent many relationships.lots of couples experience almost the same issues.I like this quote "nobody wanna see us together, but it don't matter no" he believes that they will always fight over and over again for their love to survive. This quote described his life experience and no matter how hard they were but he always fight them and make the right decisons.The purpose of this song is encouraging us to be aware of outcome in life, to entertain us and teach us on how to heal broken hearts.I am sure others are stalking him, twist things around to be a bigger issue and tell his girlfriend so she could hurt. Maybe these girls are jealous of how he's treating the girl, they wish to be treated like her or they might have been messing around with him in the past and because he doesn't want them anymore because find his true love, that is why they are hurting his girlfriend.I believe he can find a good word to explain it to the girl otherwise they will always fight.
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