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World history can influence our lives through simple history fairs like the one we did, because it gives people a chance to learn about geography, culture, different ethnicities, and more. We find out about a bunch of stuff we never knew we would be interested in, in a cool, neat way by seeing visual aides and attractive poster boards that catch our eye so we can learn something new without being bored to death through a lecture. My guiding question is: "Was Cleopatra more of an Egyptian or Greek monarch?" I learned that she was born in the winter of 69 BCE (specifically with the 'E') and her siblings are as follows, from oldest to youngest: Berenice, Cleopatra Trypheona, Cleopatra VII (who I did my project on), Ptolemy XIII, Arsinoe, and Ptolemy XIV. Her father (Ptolemy XII A.K.A. Alutes, died when she was eighteen and she married her brother, Ptolemy XIII. The most interesting part for  me was how she died. A servant smuggled in a basket of figs with an asp in the bottom and when no one but her closest maids were around, she lifted it to her bare breast and it bit her. She died several minutes later, as did her handmaidens, for they had been accidently bitten as well.

I only vaguely remember what I learned from the World History Fair, because I only looked briefly in the time we had, but from what I could see, it was believed that there was a curse over King Tut's tomb, Ancient Egypt mummies were literally gutted like the frogs we dissected in Science (though MUCH more gently; they didn't have their heads cut off afterwards), and I even learned some new things about Cleopatra VII, even though I did my project on her, though I can't quite remember...





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