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World history has influenced our lives today in so any ways. With all of the Greek gods and goddess’ they help make the earth a better place and also with all of the different cultures around this planet. The goddess I chose was Aphrodite and she affected the Greek culture our lives today because without her we most likely would not have all of the plants growing all around the earth because every where she went or she stood, plants grew all around her. I have learned lots of things about how Aphrodite affected the earth to make it be the way it is today and it was also the most interesting thing for me. She helped the plants grow and she brought love all throughout the city of Greece. This was interesting to me because she I thought that she was only known for bringing love and beauty around, but I found out that she was much more than that and she contributed so much to influence our lives today in a different way. World history has influenced our lives lot and it will continue to.

I didn’t have a lot of time to go around and see everyone’s project, but from what I saw I there were many things about the different temples, food, and the different people. The food at the fair was all very new and good to me. It was fun trying all of the food from way back in the day. There weren’t lots of temples/buildings, but some of them were interesting to look at and learn about. I saw a few buildings that were well built for a 3D project and they were really cool! Also, the different people were the most common projects because I saw lots of people with things like masks, symbols of the person, and a few other things I can’t quite remember. One thing I remember was that a few people did a mask of King Tut and all of them looked alike, but they were different in many ways, too. This whole fair turned out so much better than what I expected it to be like. I am glad that everyone looked happy and proud of the work they put in into their project.
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